NORTHENLIGHTS, Þetta Reddast 2021 Campaign

NORTHENLIGHTS, Þetta Reddast 2021 is part of CREATIONBYINTENTION and represents an ode to Iceland, its nature, purity and magic.

Northernlights comes to us as little fluffy bags or creatures, evoking this wonderful phenomenon of the Nordic sky and cold.

CREATIONBYINTENTION is Violeta’s creative philosophy, which focuses on the intention from which any creation is born. So, NORTHEN LIGHTS, Þetta reddast 2021 as part of CREATIONBYINTENTION, is a collection of handmade pieces created as bags, accessories, energy containers born through a meditative process opening the heart chakra, projecting intentionally and blessing the world, people who receive them and the creation itself.

A meticulous creation process that gives rise to unique pieces with their own essence and history. They are made by pre-order and created specifically for those who purchase them.

In this way, mass production is avoided, “slow fashion” is encouraged, and there is a move towards sustainability in the fashion industry.

Little creatures that help the world to be created from light intention.

Creative Direction: Violeta Dai @violeta.dai
Creative Direction Assistant: Milo Hammid @milohammid
Model: Paula Sánchez @paaauulitaaa
Photography and Lighting: Pablo Quetglas @pabloquetglasescarate @pabloquetglasestudio

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